In League with the Last Standing Sentinels of Heritage Hospitality.

The Astor is located in the heart of our city and has been standing there tall since 1905, in all its rustic & ambivalent glory that depicts the vibrant shades of this monument and the its evolution over time. It belongs to the elite stream of Heritage Hotels in Kolkata though it has recently undergone extensive renovations and is now replete with modern, state of the art facilities and services. Today the hotel houses 34 rooms — 9 suites, 9 executive and 16 deluxe rooms. Prices start at Rs 5,000-plus and go up to Rs 8,000-plus for a suite. With a well-connected and complementary WI-FI sported on every floor of this magnificent work of architecture. With all the essence of its older version preserved, like staircase and the beams of the very much breathing establishment along with rustic furniture and artifacts spread all across amalgamating in harmony with the interiors of the hotel. Leaving the viewer an impression of a grander history, awaiting to be told.

The already 110 year old property was first owned by a Parsee man named Aga Beg. But in 1963, it was taken on rent by Mr & Mrs. Suresh Kumar. Thus, it marked the beginning of The Astor which was then established in 1978 while becoming one of the oldest hotels in Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata.
The Astor then grew and opened its wings to some of the liveliest hangout spots of the city, now registering its name into the category of some of the best Restaurants & Bars of Kolkata. In 1981, they acquired a bar license and a year later, Chef Avtar Singh made its kebabs famous in the neighborhood and beyond. Then Heritage Hotel now not only houses Cheers & Phoenix club (bars & clubs) but also Kebab-e-Que & Deck88(restaurants  & outdoor café/bar).  Later, the property was bought by D.S. Puri in 1999 which made way for a new nightclub that was added to the brazen building. Today, Phoenix club, Kolkata is one of the top picks for live entertainment in the city with a motto to cater to premium party goers who look for a classy and chic spot to park their parties. It always has sported the best artist line-ups all round the month, from all across country to perform at our club. On the other hand, when Chef Avtar extended had his ‘recipe to happiness’, it was more than well received. With the initiation of Kebab-e-que, Kolkata, which completed 30 years of operation, today Kolkatan’s sort to enjoy not only these succulent creations but today the restaurant offers Thai, Continental, Burmese and Oriental cuisines with some hit customer favorites that you can ask our servers to recommend while your visit.

What makes The Astor is truly unique due to its traditionally appealing décor and ambience which expels stories of discovery and cultural history from your very first encounter. With an individualistic approach to luxury living, this boutique hotel stays true to its fundamental purpose of serving as a home to its guests. Owning an extraordinary stamp of luxury and style, every detail of this living and breathing hotel adds a unique character to the property. You will always find the Astor in your top searches whenever you look for a heritage hotel in the city and therefore you will be well-equipped with the modern facility to do online hotel bookings, in Kolkata. With the amenity to book easy with extended offers whenever staying in the old British capital, the Astor is your ultimate stop for corporate events and conferences. Due to the location of the hotel, which is very near to Camac Street, there isn’t a place that is more suitable than the Rendezvous when you sought to book online for a  conference hall in Kolkata. It is one of the top listed conference halls in Kolkata. Also, it is furnished with heavy wood and glass paneling and richly decorated interiors where contemporary styling has a classical twist. The Rendezvous can host parties of 25 to 30 people and also small corporate meetings. It also has a Coronation Hall that can seat 90+ guests.  You can also do an online booking of the conference hall to those of us who are looking to go out and explore total freedom with the luxury & comforts of an authentic setting. This scene prose or breath-taking site beckons all those who are looking or regenerative refuge within the cacophony o this busy city.

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