Meetings worth a memory

Spice up those boring meetings with a touch of nostalgia and tantalizing flavours amidst the fine ambience offered by one of the best hotels in Kolkata city. Located at the heart of Kolkata, The Astor is the ultimate destination for conference hall booking in Kolkata.

Life is a perfect balance of work and play. The Astor caters to both. Unwind with select drinks, culinary delights and hip music after your meetings at Kebabeque, Deck 88, Phoenix and Cheers, the top restaurant & bars, Kolkata.

With an organized setup and a state of the art décor, Astor offers you conferences and meetings like never before. The delectable cuisines offered are a treat to your palates. An unparalleled hospitality and tailored service by our highly efficient team is sure to make it an experience worth remembering.

Kolkata is a city with history and stories. When you are visiting or staying at Heritage Hotels Kolkata, you expect a taste of the same. Welcome to Astor, where a different story lives in every corner, in its majestic chandeliers, its winding staircase, its artifacts or simple in its teak wood colonial furniture.

When you book online hotels in Kolkata, for your guests or yourself, look no further. Staying in a hotel is all about accessibility and the best tourist attractions in the city surrounds this heritage paradise. A praise from your work colleagues from other cities or other countries, definitely await you, when they reside at the Astor and experience the commendable conferences at our banquet halls.

We understand your work pressure and hence we are here to make it easier for you with our services and take you on a journey of a perfect blend of work and entertainment.  Life is short and each day counts. We believe that even a day of work should be added to a page on your memoir and we never cease to make it memorable every day.

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