Oh! TheAstor

A walk down the City of Joy is quite different from what it used to be. Vintage houses have been replaced by high multistoried buildings, little unique shops by fancy malls and the old fashioned yellow taxis by new age Uber and Ola cabs. When it comes to the Restaurant & Bars in Kolkata, it is no different. We Kolkatans are now spoilt with choice.

Visiting the restaurants and hotels near Camacstreet Kolkata, one can easily get lost in the international flavours of delectable cuisines. Whether it is fine dining or fast food, the temptation to gluttony is irresistible. However, somewhere our hearts are always mesmerized by good old memories and fine old tastes. So one’s foot would be leading them past all the Hotels in Kolkata near the US Consolate, take a couple of turns and enter the walls of the Astor.

Well, we have all been to many Boutique hotels in Kolkata, but this gem is one of a kind. The red brick walls are enigmatic and at the same time welcoming. Such an exemplary combination!

On the left there is an array of beautiful decorations and a red carpet lay near a typical Kolkata rickshaw which leads to you some stranger’s celebration. Someone also with a palate for the niche has chosen this venue among all the banquet halls in Kolkata, to commemorate their special day. There are happy faces everywhere. You walk on and take the stairs beside the rickshaw to the roof top.

Welcome to Deck 88, one of the best restaurants and bars in Kolkata. You look around and you feel you are no more bound by the boring structures of a metro city. Lush greens, joyous banters, clinking of cocktail glasses and the smell of freshly cooked house delicacies start to fill your senses. All you want to do is call your friends, order for a gin and tonic and indulge in a hearty conversation.

While you are stepping out, you will see a chalk board with a funny  line scribbled on it which would call in for a last laugh.Perfect for your Insta story. You climb down the stairs and walk towards the hotel. From far you can get the smoky aroma of infused spices and you know it has to be Kebab-e-que calling out to you. The unforgettable flavours of auntentic delights.

Many book online hotels in Kolkata or in other metros while travelling to India but this one is an old time favourite for everyone. The décor and the hospitality cannot be surpassed. India is all about its endless culture and The Astor has preserved it well with a fine modern touch. So if you are in a mood to savour nostalgia, do drop in at the Astor.

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