The Astor Hotel, a vessel of luxury & entertainment

The very lines and beams of this establishment paint the colors of pure heritage settling in this city’s most well-known and busiest centers of business. This lovely hotel near the Nightingale hospital, Kolkata breathes a certain air of tranquility and exudes a certain strength. What makes The Astor truly one of a kind because of its traditional and colonial décor. The ambience dictates regality and royalty yet humbleness within its abode. This boutique hotel serves as the perfect retreat for self- recovery and joyous memories amongst kin.

Amongst the list of best restaurant & bars Kolkata, our all day dining, Kebab-e-que is one of a kind. It is famous for its smoky, succulent kebabs and Indian curries. As a kebab-lover and gourmet-freak, your very first impression of the setting will overwhelm you. The aromatic smells of the delectable courses of food and kebabs just melt on your taste buds. This can be described as one o the best feelings in the world. And therefore, it is one of the city’s go-to spots for amazing kebab buffets! It is open from 7AM till 11PM everyday throughout the week. Apart from the evergreen Kebab-e-que, serving Oriental and Continental cuisines also, it also is home to one of the liveliest places in Kolkata, Phoenix. It is a bar cum club & lounge that has a selection of live artists who are coming here to perform for the city’s crowd, resonates with the very tastes of the modern world. The food has here has its own share of credits to be given. And also the most popular outdoor Cafe / Bar in Kolkata – Deck 88 too resides within its walls.
What makes The Astor truly unique is its traditionally appealing décor and ambience that tells stories of discovery and cultural history. With an individualistic approach to luxury living, this boutique hotel stays true to its fundamental purpose of serving as a home to its guests. Owning an extraordinary stamp of luxury and style, every detail of this living and breathing hotel adds a unique character to the property.

For those who are looking for a well-furnished & well-resourced space to organize conferences and corporate events near Camac Street in Kolkata, there isn’t a place that is more suitable than the Rendezvous. It is one of the top listed conference halls in Kolkata. It is furnished with heavy wood and glass paneling and richly decorated interiors where contemporary styling has a classical twist. The Rendezvous can host parties of 25 to 30 people and also small corporate meetings. This boutique hotel stays true to its fundamental purpose which is to serve as a home to the guests it homes. It also has a Coronation Hall that can seat 90+ guests.  You can also do an online booking of the conference hall to those of us who are looking to go out and explore total freedom with the luxury & comforts of an authentic setting.

So if are on the lookout for a grand yet intimate boutique hotel with an enchanting mix of artistic and stylish décor, exceptional hospitality and eclectic menu for your next vacation, The Astor is the place for you. You can book online for The Astor for an experience of premium, state of the art amenities and services which are sophisticated and on-key. The hotel promises sparking a desire in hearts that you return to the peaceful and vibrant spaces of the property again and again. It is the most ideal venue to host all your events, it represents a whole world of emotions for you to discover and to reminisce.

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